No Pantry No Problem!

2Free Space Above the Fridge

Now, typically above every fridge is free, open storage. Since your children don’t do the cooking, keep these types of spaces filled with products suitable to their needs with easy, one-step systems – put-in, and pull-out. So, starting with the top of the fridge, we’re going to go ahead and take a look at the containers I use. Now, just to put it into perspective for you, I always buy these huge tins of coffee. This one is thirty-three ounces, and I fit it into these Walmart containers perfectly. So, they are definitely for storing bulk product because they stack very nicely, so if you need them to stack on your refrigerator, they will. Now, these containers do come in a four-piece, and so you can get some perspective on the size – the biggest container can fit that whole tin inside of it and have plenty of space for more. I absolutely love these, and they retail for about seven dollars for the entire set. That is a great purchase price for so much function, and a very nice piece.

Now, I have two clear containers that I found at King Dollar, but you could definitely use the other containers from that same little set for your cereal. I love these containers, they are so simple to just grab a hold of. Now, they are not airtight containers, but they do have twist lids, and each container holds about two bags of cereal. Now, I did kind of want to give you guys an idea of how much the other container holds, it is the large container from the four-piece set, and I poured one full container into that one, and a half of the other one. So, that’s about three bags of cereal per large container.