Dollar Tree Kitchen Organization

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[00:13] CLARA SLATE: Hey guys, it’s Clara. Welcome back to my channel. Today I am excited to show you several different ways I use Dollar Tree items to organize my kitchen. The freezer organization is pretty much the same, so I’ll link that video below, and the pantry organization was so fun to do, but since there are several parts of that, I decided to save it for another video. So, stay tuned.

[00:31] CLARA: As you know, I adore these rectangular baskets from the Dollar Tree – they are perfect for areas where you may need a drawer, but don’t want to spend the money or make the commitment to install one. Here is where I keep some of my bulk spices and mixes for sauce, taco seasoning packets, that sort of thing. I’m barely over five feet, so unless I want to lug out a step-stool all the time, shelves above this height become pretty useless. The Dollar Tree baskets allow me to store items that I could not ordinarily reach, so when I need something, I just pull the entire basket out. They slide in and out so nicely.

[01:04] CLARA: On the side, I have these white wire baskets – great for holding spices I don’t use a whole lot, and the shorter depth fit this cabinet perfectly. They also have longer ones if your cabinet is deeper than mine.

[01:16] CLARA: In the very early days of my channel, I had shown in our condo how I like to use these hooks from the Dollar Tree to organize my measuring cups and spoons. I was able to transfer the same system to the new house, and hung it with Command hooks. Always keep an out at the Dollar Tree, because last year they sold the actual Command hooks – yes, I do mean the name brand by 3M. They were only around for a few weeks, but if they come back, snatch them up because Command hooks for one dollar is a great deal.

[01:43] CLARA: I added some brown felt to the door so that the cups and the spoons weren’t so noisy. Above them I put my kitchen conversion chart. In my previous kitchen, I had this in a frame hung under the cabinets, but since the new house has a backsplash, I decided to put it in one of the Dollar Tree’s sheet protectors and hang it on the door. I used DT Velcro so that if I have the need to change something, it would be easy to take it down and put it back up again. We also have a chart telling us what temperature certain meats are cooked; having this on Velcro particularly is nice because sometimes my husband needs to take it with him outside when he’s grilling.

[02:16] CLARA: I try to keep all my counters clear, except for this little area which is my favorite part of the kitchen. I adore the DT’s glass jars, it just happened to fit in these old crates that I used to use to store CDs. Using DT labels and their white chalk markers, I chose to specifically display items we use a lot, like cashews, green tea, almonds, and items I tend to forget, but can be added to nearly all dishes, such as ground chia and ground flaxseed.

[02:45] CLARA: One idea that you, my viewers, liked from that original organizing video was the tea file. I kept it in the new house, and also added some single-serve coffee drinks, from the Dollar Tree of course.

[02:55] CLARA: On top, I have a little milk glass container that I bought from the Salvation Army for fifty cents. I holds sugar packets that I can easily set out for guests.

[03:04] CLARA: For loose-leaf tea, I use these containers – not a Dollar Tree item, but just a few dollars at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. DT does sell similar magnetized containers in their teaching section, but I couldn’t tell you if they are food safe.


[03:18] CLARA: I bought this Expo dry erase board from the DT last year, where I list our meals for the week.

[03:23] CLARA: Here’s another location where I use the flat baskets, exactly the same system as the condo last year for storing lids from pots and pans. I also really like these white dish bins from the DT; they can also act as drawers, and have a nice handle to pull. Here I keep my oils and sauces for cooking. Because those items can be potentially very messy, I lined the surface underneath with contact paper from the DT in the light wood pattern. It’s so easy to use and clean.

[03:52] CLARA: The white dish bins also work well as drawers where the colored flat baskets won’t fit. Up here, I keep extra beverage items such as mixes for hot cocoa, tea, extra coffee filters, that kind of thing.

[04:05] CLARA: Another thing I love is keeping the food storage bins organized. We use the glass most often, so I try to keep them all together. Smaller lids are stored together, but the larger lids were a bit of a challenge; they didn’t fit vertically on the top shelf, and they kept getting lost on the bottom shelf. For years and years on Pinterest, I’ve seen people use cereal boxes or pillow cases to store lids on the back of cabinet doors, but I just don’t have the room. These large plastic bags from the Dollar Tree work really well for us. DT has several types of these bags in the food storage area or near the hangers.

[04:41] CLARA: As I had shown in one of my first videos, I try to do what I can to keep our junk drawer organized. I had attempted to label the drawer, but after a while it seemed silly because there are so many different categories and sizes of items. So, in general, I try to keep the batteries to the left, flashlights together in the front, so that if there’s blackout it’s right where I can find it.

[05:04] CLARA: We are teaching my daughter to be a little more independent, so we put her plates, cups, spoons, etc., on this lower shelf that rolls out. I kept the baskets behind her area white to hopefully indicate some sort of division. Those baskets hold all my tiny bowls and plates (as I collect those), and also a random assortment of glass jars that I use to store sauces, oil, etc. This clear acrylic bin and Locker crate were a perfect size in this small area to fit her items nicely.

[05:32] CLARA: Lastly, I love DT bins to organize my daughter’s feeding supplies. These stackable bins are great for keeping small items such as snack containers and bottles separated. I usually prefer the look of type labels, but these bins are dry erase ones. Here, you could store a baby food jar, snack packs, fruit snacks, etc.

[05:52] CLARA: One organizing from the DT that does not work for me are their drawer liners and blue sticky putty – they do not keep my bins in place, and even worse, the blue putty can stain. So instead, I picked up bins to keep at the back to help keep stuff from sliding around. The nice thing about DT is that they seem to have bin sizes for every kind of situation.

[06:13] CLARA: And just a sidebar, if you have toddlers at home, and you’re trying to teach them do chores around the house, I put my daughter in charge of putting away silverware, but part of that is making sure she doesn’t have any access to these really sharp knives. She’s okay with the butter knives, but not these, yet. So, I’ve taken out the really sharp knives from the regular silverware container and put it into a separate bin from the dollar tree; then I have plastic ware and straws and such over here – that way, I can take this container out, set it on the table right next to the basket that comes from the dishwasher, and she can just pick from the dishwasher basket and sort them accordingly.

[06:54] CLARA: And that’s it for this video. I have linked my freezer organization video below, and soon I’ll be sharing my pantry organization, so stay tuned. Thanks so much for watching, take care.

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