DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Pongo: Hi everybody, it’s Poultry here from the Bongo People. No, it’s Bongo here from the Poultry People and I want to make a coffee table with a glass top. Display coffee table with a glass top. Quite a nice little project this is going to turn out to be hopefully.

Got a glass, which as a bonus, is proper, safety coffee table glass as well. Beveled edges. Nice and thick. It’s pre-toughened and it’s 10 quid. 10 quid from Magpie Salvage Yard down in Kinmel Bay, if you’ve paid them a visit yet. The rest is going to be a mixture of pallets. I’m going to use those for the legs. Take them down a bit. I’m not sure, use 3×3 maybe use 4×4. There we go, coffee table, let’s get cracking on it.


Frame within frames. Obviously quite big. I’m going to have a bit trouble with the old pallet wood, going to have to join some of it together to make the frames. It’s a bit weird. Put a piece of wood in there, brace it. Piece of wood in there and brace it. It’s going to be different. Haven’t done one of those before, see how that turns out.

Going to have to use the biscuit jointer to joint them together. There’s fucking clamping also, there’s clamping after that. We’ll see. We’ll see about that. Let’s crack on. Let’s crack on. You can hear me talking, you know it’s going to be music from here on in. Is that what you want? A bit of a description at the start and then me fucking cracking on? It’s not like the sort of video where I’m going to be sitting around drinking fucking scotch and bacon, it’s too late in the day for that.

So, I think I’ll just crack on. The first thing I want to do of course is determine what size my frame needs to be.