DIY Galaxy Necklace & Ring Pendants

Hey guys I’ve been getting a lot of requests from you to do some galaxy DIY and so on today’s tutorial on crafty Friday, I am going to show you how to make some galaxy necklace pendants as well as rings. I am going to show you how to do some with printed images as well as ones with nail polish so you can take your pick. If you want to see more galaxy related tutorials in the future, just let me know on the comment section what you want you want to see such as shoes, clothing, paintings anything you want and if you enjoy my videos please help me reach one million subscribers by clicking the subscribe button. Now without further ado let’s get into the tutorial.

Go ahead and decide which supplies you’ll want to use for your pendants; I got all of mine from Michaels. Here I’m going to show you how to make a nail polish galaxy pendant. For this you can use any type of clear flat back glass piece. The first thing I’m doing is painting clear glitter polish all over the back. Then I’m taking a pin and some lighten on polish and I’m going to put little dots for the stars. Then I’m also going to take the white and I’m just going to brush it over here on this side and if it gets too thick you can kind of just dab it off with your finger or your nails; this will give it more of a spongy effect if you want to use a sponge you can try that too. Now I’m using a magenta polish and I’m just putting that in through the white and a little bit around it. You can really use any colors you want and you can put them wherever you want but I’m just telling you what I’m doing so next I am moving on to a glittery purple polish. Then I have a silvery glue and I just flip it over every time to see how the front is going to look. Now I’m going in with a royal blue polish and then while this is still wet, I’m going to hurry to mix it with black just to make it darker because you kind of want a navy blue in your galaxy but I just have this. So I’m just blending the black in as best as I can and then once it all dries you are going to cover the back with another coat of any color you want. And then if you want to turn it into a charm you can find the charm backings on Etsy or Amazon and then you can just attach it to the back but I like to put a piece of paper first so I’m just using nail polish to attach the paper and then I’m going to use E6000 glue. After that dries, you can paint around it with some nail polish to blend the paper to the back.

The second type of galaxy pendant uses printed images that you can find from Google or you can make your own if you are good with Photoshop. You are going to lay your glass down on the image and then trace around it with a pencil. Cut the image out and then mod podge it to the glass. Wait for it to dry and then if you want, here I’m making a ring. This one I’m also using a printed image but I found this really cool frame charms so I’m just going to slide the paper into the back and that’s it. This camier base setting charm I actually got from an Etsy shop but I’m doing the same thing taking the image and then I’m going to mod podge or glue the paper inside and the stone on top. And I’m doing that with a couple of different charm backings. For this final piece I mod podge the image inside of the metal charm and then I’m going to take some mod podge dimensional magic and I’m going to just drop that in like so you want to do it slowly so air bubbles don’t form and I’m also putting in a couple of fun rhyme stones. You can turn any of these pendants into a necklace, all you have to do is get a necklace chain and then what you are going to do is take a jump ring open it up with some pliers, you’re going to stick that through the chain and also stick the pendant on and then you’re going to close the jump ring back up and badabim badaboom it’s a necklace and when you are not wearing it, you can have your kittens play with it. Yeah just don’t let them steal it because she tried to. If you end up making your own galaxy jewelry then please send me your photos on Instagram use #Socraftastic so I can see them.

Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you did please give it a thumbs up and be sure to stay tuned to my channel because every single Friday I put out a crafty video called crafty Friday. Last week on crafty Friday I showed you guys how to make DIY Halloween snow globes. Happy Halloween by the way because it’s Halloween today if you are watching on the day I posted but any way here are some photos that you guys sent in to me of various crafts and some snow globes as well so thank you guys for sending those photos to me and I hope you guys have a great rest of the day I’ll see you soon check out all of the links description box below especially to my Instagram bye.