DIY Crystal Necklaces

Speaker 1: Hello everyone and welcome to a new video

Speaker 2: Today we are going to be showing you how to make these awesome crystals from scratch. We grew them, and we put all the silver stuff on them and transform them into these cool necklaces, and I’m sick at the moment, so I sound kind of weird, but we hope you enjoy this video anyway.

Speaker 1: So for this DIY, you will need some borax, some nylon/wire/string, a glass cup, pipe cleaners, boiling water, a tea towel, chopsticks, silver leaf, PVA glue and a paint brush and a chain if you want to wear it as a necklace.

Speaker 2: So the first thing you will need to do is grab your pipe cleaner and twist it into the shape you want your crystal to be. I found it works best with the white pipe cleaner, but you can use colored ones if you want.

Speaker 1: Then you are going to attach your pipe cleaner to some string/nylon/wire whatever you are using

Speaker 2: In my first attempt, I used string, but I probably recommend using nylon because it’s really thin and you can cut it off the crystal. And if you want to do jewelry we recommend using some wire.

Speaker 1: Then you attach it to your chopstick.

Speaker2: The next thing you have to do is get your boiling water and pour that into a cup. Make sure it’s boiling water or else the DIY is probably not going to work as well.
Speaker 1: Then hang your pipe cleaner and just check if it is the right height and you are going to cover the whole pipe cleaner with the water. And you also want to make sure it’s not going to touch the bottom of the glass or sides of the glass because otherwise, it gets stuck.


Speaker2: And then it’s time to add your borax I totally just get used to this, I don’t have any measurements, I just scooped it into the water till the point that it was fauvy and it won’t dissolve any further

Speaker1: Then you add your food coloring, we chose a purple color but I think a blue would be cool, but you can choose whatever color you want. Then it’s as easy as putting your pipe cleaner into your glass and wrapping it with some glad wrap or tea towel or just something to keep it warm.

Speaker2: And then you just leave them for twelve hours. I like to make them at night and then leave them until I get up in the morning. [unclear 01:49] you have this awesome, exciting crystal. And when you first pull it out it’s going to be a lot darker, when it dries it lightens up a bit.

Speaker 1: So next to make them even cooler than they already are we decided to add some silver leaf, so you just apply the PVA to your crystal and then tap the leaf on with your finger. You might get little gaps where it doesn’t quite stick that’s alright we’re going to back in with the second layer, another coat of PVA and then some more silver leaf to cover in any gaps.

Speaker 2: And this is really good if you have like a hiccup with your crystal maybe you didn’t put enough borax, so it’s like patchy, and you can see pipe cleaner, you can just cover it up with pretty little silver leaf which.
Speaker 1: Don’t spend too much time brushing on your PVA because for some reasons it turns to puddy if you play with it for too long but it does stick properly if you just do it quickly.
Speaker 2: We’ve seen online some people using fancy adhesive for this, but PVA goes well

Speaker 1: Once your silver leaf is how you like it, put a coat of PVA just to seal it in just to make sure it won’t flake off and if you wanting to make a necklace like we did you just get a pair of pliers and curl your wire into a little hole to hang on your necklace.

Speaker 2: And that is it for the DIY, and we’re selling some of these necklaces over on our blog shop so if you want to buy one, go check it out, the link will be down below and yeah we think they’re really pretty.

Speaker 1: And if you decide to make one for yourself, please tweet us the photo, I’d love to see it. We’ve left our social media down below give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribed for our other videos and we will see you next time bye.