DIY| Bohemian Stone Ring + Evil Eye Wrapped Wire Ring

Hey, guys, I’m Andrea Garcia here. Hopefully, you guys are doing awesome and well. So I have been doing a lot of tutorials to get you guys ready for music festival season. I have Coachella coming up in a few days, and I’m super, super excited. But I’m more super excited to show you guys this new tutorial. I’m going to be teaching you how to create two different kinds of rings. We’re going to start out by teaching you how to create a very simple Bohemian stone ring. This one’s in turquoise, and I also made some in purple. These are incredibly gorgeous to wear in general overall, all year. It doesn’t have to be just at music festivals. They’re incredibly easy to make, so I highly suggest you add this to your list of gifts to make for your friends. The second ring type I’m going to teach you how to create, I taught myself how to create these wrapped wire rings from scratch, and I found these cool evil eye beads from So I’ve decided to incorporate that into my music festival fashion segments hits as well. As you can see they are cute and they come in a lot of different colors which is awesome because then you can customize it to your outfits and whatnot but it’s a simply wired ring and this completely the whole thing is made from scratch. So I’m going to show you how to create a ring that fits you and the tool that you can use to be able to create rings for other friends even if they’re not there you can get their size. So yes I’m going to show you how to make this one followed by a bohemian stone ring up next. So yeah let’s go ahead and get started.

So for this tutorial you’re going to be needing your E6000 glue which you can find any craft store. You’ll also need some jewelry pliers, some cool leftover charms that you might have laying around. I found these cool ones, and they just have that cool bohemian look. There’s a variety of cool charms and stuff that you can also find on So I highly recommend that you check out their site for some cool charms or beads that could be utilized for the ring. And the last thing that you are going to be needing is a ring base. I ordered these from as well, and the reason that I fell in love with these is the detail that’s all the way around, it gives it a cool look versus just a straight band. This has a little bit more of a dramatic or textured look. So I will provide the direct link to where you can find this on their website. And yeah that’s pretty much about it as far as what you need for materials.

So the first thing you’re going to be doing is just clipping the beads and getting them ready for their package there you can pull these out. These come in some extra beads, but you can save them for something else. Okay, so this is one of the easiest tutorials I’ve done as well. All you are going to be doing is taking some of your E6000 glue; you’re going to add a good amount so as you see it’s on there. Now taking your ring, you are going to glue it on the center of it. So just push it down. Press it a little bit, and that’s it and then you’re going to leave them to the side is, so they dry.

For this tutorial, you are going to need following materials. First, you are going to be needing some gauge wire. This gauge wire measures twenty verses this one that measures twenty-two. This one is a little bit thinner, this one is thicker, and as you can see with the finished product with the rings, you can just tell this one’s a little bit more dramatic than this one. So depending on the look that you want, if you want it to be bulky, I would suggest getting the twenty,  if you want something a little bit sleeker and nicer then I would recommend getting the twenty-two gauge wire. And the other thing you are going to be needing is your wire cutters. You’re also going to be needing some jewelry pliers as well, and you also need this nifty rings sizer tool. You’re going to be molding your ring according to the size that you wear. So I’m between a six and a seven, so I’m going to be doing my rings from there. And this is just a cool tool to have in the future if you ever want to create other rings of other people you’re able to do it on this. I picked this one up at Joanne’s Fabric, and I was very surprised this plastic one was only about four dollars, so that was a great price for that one. And the last thing you’re going to be needing is some beads for your rings. I went ahead, and I chose these colorful evil eye beads from They sell them in a good packet bowl so if you are going to be making these for a large number of friends; I guess it’s highly recommend that you get the bowl pack from them and I will go ahead and provide a direct link to this listing as well. What I loved about these is the variety of colors that they come in so you can have your friends take a pick of a color that they want. But yeah that’s pretty much about it so let’s go ahead and get started.


To get started you first have to measure out your gauge wire, and I forgot to include in the materials that you’re going to be needing a measuring tape of some sort. So ideally, the size that you want to cut your gauge wire is at about twelve inches per ring. So now I’m going to take my evil eye and insert it into the wire. And now I’m going to be finding my midpoint. And when you find your midpoint kind of bend it like so. So it looks like that, it’s square that way it stays in place when you put it in your barn, and it’s not sliding around. Now taking your ring sizer, set over your bead. So my ring size is about a six; I have very, very, very, thin fingers. So I’m going to set it over, and I’m going to take one end, circle it around, take the other end circle it around. So on the other side, it should look something like this. So this is creating the band of your ring. And these need to be crisscrossed, so as you can see this one’s going this way that one’s going that way. Okay so now that you have that take your top line and circle it around your bead. Then next take your other one and circle the opposite way. And if you need to, you can take your jewelry pliers and use it to tighten it up. So I’m going to repeat this, circle this around, then circle this one around. Take my pliers to tighten it, tighten it, and I can make it circle maybe about three times. So here we have it like that. And now you can remove this. From your ring sizer and you want to have these two little things sticking out because you’re going to be then tying these around the sides of your ring to hold them down. So now take your jewelry pliers and wrap it around the sides. Okay so as you can see I wrapped it. So it should look something like this make sure that the very end piece you squeeze it down, and it’s not poking out because then it’s going to hurt you every time you put your ring on and off. Now I’m going to take my opposite side. It should look something like that. And you are completely done with your ring. And all I would do is make sure you set the bead in place, so it’s facing up like so just like that.

So you can customize them and add whatever bead you like to it. I personally just like I’m really into all the evil eye stuff right now, and I think these are gorgeous for music festivals and they have come with varieties of colors so you could really. Match them to a lot of the things you’re going to be wearing. And then you can put it on. As you can see I make this one a little bit smaller. So this one’s going to be more of a midi ring, it’s going to hang out here when I wear it.

And I also created these other ones. This one is using the twenty-two gauge wire size, as you can see it’s very, it’s a lot thinner and sleeker just like this one, and these are the same size, but that one is a full on the ring. And then this is the one using the twenty gauge wire. This one is significantly a lot thicker. And looks nice and it’s a little darker too. So for this one, I made it into a regular ring as well. So as you can see these look awesome, they look cool and pretty much about it for your evil eye wrapped wire rings.

So that’s it for our tutorial, hopefully, you guys enjoyed those two different types of rings again these are gorgeous, I love them. And I would be wearing these out a lot throughout the year most definitely. And now that I know how to create a ring from scratch, I will be experimenting to be able to create some other designs, and I suggest you do so as well.
If you guys have any comments, questions, concerns, leave them below in the comment section. I love hearing your feedbacks, and things so give your feedbacks of things you guys want to see in the future or any constructive criticism I want to be able to make high-quality videos for all of you. I have been working hard at this for about three years now, so please tell me what you want to see and how I can be helping you. And I wanted to propose a question to all of you. I want to know if you guys want to see more videos about what I do on the regular or things like that or recaps of music festivals and that sort of aspect of my life as well. So let me know in the comments section if that’s something you guys would be interested in. As I said I’m looking to expand and make my channel awesome so let me know what you have in mind or any ideas. But as always you can add me on Instagram it’s @FancyMade, and I am also on Pinterest as well   /FancyMade I’m on Facebook, /FancyMade, I’m on Twitter fancy_Made. There you go and then if anything you guys can always just head over to and you can check out the index of absolutely every D.I.Y. I have made on there. Hopefully, I will-will see some of you at [unclear 14:33]. If you happen to see, me be sure to come in and say hi but enjoy this tutorial make some rings for your friends they’ll appreciate it. I love you guys so much and thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you guys soon, bye.