DIY Block Letters Home Decor

hi guys i am so happy to see you today if you have been here before and you are back today thank you so much i already love you if this is your first time visiting my channel go ahead and subscribe you don't want to miss anything else today I'm going to show you how you can make one of these lovely letters than you can see here beside me I'm gonna give you some ideas and ways on how you can decorate these but of course the options are so many you are going to want to make these for everybody that you know you can make these for your house to decorate your room for your office space or as a gift so let's just get started let me show you for your flowery letter you're going to need of course the letter, you are going to need paper mache you're going to need your flowers an exacto knife and your hot glue gun and glue sticks my paper mache letter is like a little box is a little block letter so using my x-acto knive very carefully i am cutting all around the letter to remove the front face of the letter just the top later on I'm going to be able to remove that and have exactly like a little box letter you are then going to paint the inside and the outside of your letter.

I have chosen white but you can choose any color of course you can match your flowers or you can match the wall if you are planning on hanging your letter but just make sure you paint it so you dont have that ugly cardboard color.

now you can leave your letter like that just with the paint or you can add some extra sparklyness to the edges of your letter which is what I did so I grab some modge podge and i put it all around the edge the outer edge of the letter and you know just Sparkle, sprinkle! sprinkle some sparkle on the outside of the letter once is completely dried then grab your flowers cut the stems off and being arraigning them in the inside of your letter however you want it, just any way that makes it look pretty and a way that makes you happy only arrange them, just put them inside in a way that you like them, once you are sure that this is how you want it to look then you can start gluing.

A little side note, i wish my flowers were a little bit smaller I think the ones that i bought were a little to big for the size of the flower, I mean the flowers are a little too big for the life of the letter so when you buy your supplies just make sure that you're sure of the site of the letter and the size of the flowers because I think mine still looks pretty but a little funky for these next one you're going to need of course your letter, the letter that you have chosen, you're going to need pain your paintbrush and a little flower i chose this flower that looks like a little branch with a leaf and everything although later on i cut off the leaf oh and you're also going to need lace and your hot glue gun.

Now super obvious, you already know what I'm going to say you are just going to paint your letter all over let it dry and then decorate it with your flowers and your lace or ribbon So I decided to place the lace on the left bottom corner of my M and an organized the flowers how I liked them, glue them in place glue the lace and that it! Super simple and it looks so pretty so now i'm going to show you how I made my ombre glittered letter.

You're going to need mod podge, different colors of glitter, a paintbrush and paint and I did the same thing as I did with the flowery letter, remember we did the border with glitter, so I did the exact same thing except i worked one color a the time and of course you want to apply the glitter everywhere all around your letter except maybe the back don't forget the borders and using some gold chunky glitter I made this M that I love because is so so Sparkly and this is the last one I have to share with you For these one I used of course letter i decorated it with ribbon of different colors: i used pink, gold and white and you need hot glue and then i use a little flower to decorate it, I wasn't sure if I was going to use a sticker or a plastic flower, but I decided for the flower and this is the easiest thing ever but i think is my favorite way of decorating the letters because i think it looks so cute you just have to measure the ribbon and start gluing them, just wrap them around your letter and hold them with the hot glue and just decide how you want to arrange the ribbons, of course you wan to match the colors, you dont want to put them all on the same place but it is super easy and I think it looks so adorable and you can choose so many colors, you can choose different textures of ribbon like you see here I have one that looks like little pompoms and is just so pretty! and look at the mess of ribbon that I made.

That is gonna be fun to unravel but anyway the last thing you have you do is glue your little decoration or whatever you chose, like I said I chose a little plastic flower.

Just decide where your want to glue it and you are finish so which one is your favorite between all of these ideas? i don't think i can choose one! I like them all.

I hope you make so many of these.

This is a really great gift idea.

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