9 Simple Handmade Jewelry Ideas

In this tutorial, we’ll show interesting and simple handmade jewelry ideas by using available materials.

Let’s make a safety pin jewelry set. Start with the bracelet. Open a pin and string five to six seed beads on the spear. Close the pin embellish other safety pins in the same way. Alternate the seed bead colors. We’ll need fifty to sixty beaded pins. Fold a thin transparent elastic cord in half and cut it as we will need two identical pieces. Take one and pass it through the top of the pin. Run it through the other pins in the same way. Be careful to place the elements with the beaded part to one side of the jewelry. Alternate the colors. Run the other elastic cord through the bottom of the pins. Tie the cord ends to form a bracelet. Cut off the excess. The original safety pin bracelet will glow with rainbow colors on your hand.

Take two big safety pins for earrings. Wind the pin head with a thin wire. Thread a couple of beads and continue winding. String the beads of another color, wind again moving to the pin end. Don’t be afraid if the wire runs out take more fasten the end with round nose pliers and continue wrapping the safety pin. Thread the beads of different colors. Make another of the same ear ring. Pass jump rings through the head eyes and put on French hooks. Your cute safety pins earrings will perfectly match the bracelet in the same style.

Start making a safety pin necklace in the same way you did the bracelet. We’ll need a few dozens of the details of different sizes run a thin chain through the pin bottom alternating the size. Put a ring and a lobster clasp on the last link. Hang a jump ring on the other chain end. The gorgeous safety pin necklace seems to radiate like the sun due to the various pin size.

Now let’s make a cool paper clip jewelry set. Start with the necklace. Wind red tape around the clip. Make five to six neat winds and snip off the excess. Fasten an uncovered clip to the red one. Join these two with another clip to form a triangle. Wind yellow tape around the uncovered edges. Add more clips to make new triangles. Continue wrapping the clips, alternate the colors. We’ll need eight elements for the first row. The second row consists of five triangles. You’ll need to add two details in this row as the first row clip forming one edge of the triangle. The necklace is shaped as a big triangle consisting of multiple small ones. Put the two vertices on the chain links. Fasten a lobster clasp. The bright colorful geometric necklace is will enrich your jewelry collections. Make the same style with the ear rings. Bend two clips to form triangles. Hot glue orange embroidery floss to the edge. Wind the thread around the clip; add the glue as far as needed. Attach the red thread, wrap the triangle at random. Repeat for the orange thread on top fasten the end and cut off the excess. Make another earring in the same way. Pass a ring through the thread and put on the clip wrapped around with a yellow tape. Hang the red clip on the second earring. Put on the French hooks as a finishing touch. The fabulous earrings will match the geometric necklace.


Now we’ll show you how to make a bow hole style T-shirt necklace. Paint the rope pink. Smooth the T-shirt and cut off the stitched bottom edge. Cut the T-shirt into one inch strips. Cut the strip to remove the side stitch. Twist it across the entire length. Thread the beads remove the excess. Decorate another strip in the same way. Be careful to make the elements of different lengths. The jewelry should be layered. Continue making the necklace in the same way. Tie knots at the ends, twist thee strips more if needed. Keep in mind that the necklace should be multi leveled. Don’t mix the layers. Join the strip ends together. Hot glue a rope in to tuck it into the strip bunch. Press over. Glue another strip to the bunch with the rope and wrap around tight to fasten well and look neat. Attach the end and cut off the excess. Repeat for the other end. Cut the rope in the middle. Tuck a glued pin inside the rope end; add some more hot glue to put on a cap. Repeat for the other end. Cut off the excess pin and make a loop. Use the necessary tools. Put on rings and the lobster clasp. This awesome bow hole style T-shirt necklace is not for a black tie party but it will perfectly match a friendly brunch with cool cocktails for refreshment.

Let’s craft stunning paper beads jewelries using old paper. You’ve surely got glossy magazines you don’t need anymore. Take black and white pages and blue shaded pictures to make paper beads. Draw zigzag lines over the page. Cut out across the lines to get long triangles. Roll the paper on a tooth pick starting with the base. Remove the tooth pick and continue rolling to the end. Hot glue the paper end. Let’s craft stunning paper beads jewelries. Prepare several paper beads. Then put them on a toothpick one by one and cover with transparent lacquer. Use a soft brush. Now let’s make earrings. Pass a golden ribbon through a gray paper bead and tie several knots. Cut off the ribbon at four inches beyond the bead. Make another of the same detail. Thread several gray and blue beads on a royal blue ribbon. We’ll need four details per each earring. Gather the ribbons and hot glue to the ends. Put on a jump ring and fasten the ribbons. Decorate the earring with a suede ribbon. Melt the ends. Thread a copper colored bead on a pin. Cut off the excess and make a loop. Put the bead on the earring, fasten a French hook; make another of the same earring. These splendid paper bead earrings can match a casual outfit and make you look smart.

Let’s make a necklace. Join the Blue and Golden ribbons. Pull up the blue one and tie a tight knot on both. String a few paper beads passing through the knot. Fasten the necklace with another knot where the golden ribbon ends. Cover a big plastic bead with dark green paint. When dry make a design with a golden outline or paint. You can choose a simple cross pattern. Thread a pin and make a loop. Make a few other similar details using plastic beads of different color and size. Put two jump rings on both sides of the bead. Repeat for each detail. Cut off the necklace at any place. Tie knots on both ends. Pass one end through a ring of the painted bead and fasten the ribbon with the hot glue. Embellish the junction with the suede ribbon. Repeat for the other end thus joining the cut necklace parts. Fasten the other plastic beads between the paper ones in the same way. Wear this trendy necklace combined with the earrings in the same style and be in comparable where ever you go.

Now let’s make a musical note paper bead bracelet. Cut out the notes into strips of about one and a half inches. Cut each strip into three parts. Let’s prepare paper beads. Roll a paper strip onto a stick. Make the roll tight to look neat. Hot glue the end. Make other beads in the same way. You’ll need twenty five to thirty rolls to form a bracelet. Pass a pin through the bead and make a loop at the end. Repeat for the other beads. Let’s assemble the bracelet thread the paper beads on a piece of wire. Pass another wire cut out through the bead loops on the other side. Be careful to thread the rolls in due order. Make wire loops on one side of the bracelet. Shape the beads and make the same loops on the other side. Cover the tubes with nail polish to keep them safe for a long time. Repeat for the other side. Let’s embellish the bracelet with wire curls. Wind the wire around a pen or a pencil. Cut off the excess. Make a loop with a tool. Make three more such curls. Put the details on the bracelet. The musical note paper bead bracelet will match you perfectly.

These unusual and simple handmade jewelry ideas may seem amazing but never boring. Feel free to comment. Give a thumbs up if you like the ideas. Be sure to subscribe to our channels to find lots of awesome ways of creating handmade jewelry out of any available material.