8 Diy Jewelry Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Now let’s get into the video. If you have silver jewelry and they are starting to develop dark spots, just take some toothpaste and clean out the jewelry with it for about thirty seconds. Once you are done with that, clean out the toothpaste with some warm water. And there you have it, a brand new jewelry.

If you’ve lost one of your earrings, don’t throw the other one away because you can transform it into a pendant. All you have to do is to take a plier and make a loop using the earring stick. Take a simple necklace and add your brand new pendant on it. And you have a new jewelry.

If you have jewelry with rhinestones and you want to keep the lining, then all you need is clear them polish. Give the rhinestones a couple of coats and let them dry. It could also prevent the rhinestones from falling.

Don’t throw away your old metal jewelry. To make them look brand new, all you need is a gold [unclear 02:08] spray. Give them a few cuts and let them dry for two or three hours. I also changed the elastic of the bracelet because the old one was almost broken.
If one of your rings is too big, simply add a drop of glue on the back of the ring using the hot glue gum or E6000 glue. This way the ring will become smaller.
Sometimes, you can get bored over certain jewelry. A great way to change it a bit is to paint it using nail polish. All you have to do is to pick up a couple of colors and start painting the jewelry.


A simple trick for putting on a clasped bracelet by your self is using a paper clip. Just open the paper clip and use it just like that.

Place your chains in a container with a few spoons of baby powder. Sprinkle the knot in baby powder and the knot will become a lot looser making it easier to untangle.

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