47 Creative Storage Idea For a Small Bathroom Organization

47 Creative Storage Idea For a Small BathroomOrganization If you happen to have a small bathroom inyour home, don’t consider yourself unlucky.

You just need to design it in a way that itdoesn’t seem like a cubby hole.

It’s possible to make it stylish and createenough storage space even in a small bathroom.

There are a lot of things you need to storein a contemporary bathroom.

Although most of the time you won’t be ableto put several traditional storage cabinets there.

The bathroom would become not only ugly butalso uncomfortable.

We’ve gathered a lot of clever design tricksshowing how you can organize storage in a small bathroom.

The cool thing about many of them is theyare very budget-friendly and some of them could even become a weekend DIY project.

Here are our main tips to organize a cleverstorage in a tiny bathroom without sacrificing in style: 1.

Use mirrors with storage compartments.

Mirrors enlarge the space and you can storeall those things that usually occupy your sink.



Use your corners.

You can install a corner sink or a cornerstorage cabinet.

That will help to keep you tiny bathroom uncluttered.


Use over the toilet storage.

There are plenty of cabinets nowadays thatyou can place above your toilet.

Although you can hang some rustic DIY shelvesthere to make your bathroom design more interesting.


Be smart and think outside of the box withextra storage.

You can hang shelves above a door to storeyour toilet paper.

A towel rack that is hanging on a wall isalso a space saving solutions.

Magnetic bars to store makeup tools made ofmetal, extra thin shelves for makeup supplies, hanging baskets and many other creative tricksare covered below.