34 Insanely Smart DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

[00:00] [Introductory Guitar Music]

[00:00] [Image of a small rack with various spices, with hanging pots and pans to the left of it.]

[00:05] [Image of a thin drawer stocked with various food items and containers.]

[00:11] [Image of various cooking utensils and other tools stored in different trophies.]

[00:16] [Image of a tall rack next to a refrigerator loaded with trays containing containers of what is presumably food.]

[00:21] [Image of a small rack containing different cleaning agents and utensils.]

[00:27] [Image of a tabletop with storage units on the side containing various glass and fabric containers.]

[00:32] [Image of a small, thin cabinet stocked with many vegetable and bean cans, with a grocery list next to it listing these items: Hamburger, Chicken, Soda, Chips, Cereal, Bread, Milk, and Eggs.]

[00:38] [Image of a black and white, polka-dotted rack with different cooking utensils and rags. There are potted plants next to and on top of it.]

[00:43] [Image of various cooking knives inserted into what appears to be a large set of wooden sticks.]

[00:49] [Image of various pots and pans situated on hooks installed on a shelf.]

[00:54] [Image of various cooking utensils stored in decorative ceramic liquid containers.]

[00:58] [Image of four of baskets containing cooking utensils, green apples, and potatoes situated from hooks on a holed surface.]

[01:04] [Image of a thin drawer/rack containing cans, spices, and drinks next to a refrigerator.]

[01:09] [Image of the inside of a kitchen cabinet containing pots, pans, measuring cups, a cheese grater, and other items. The cabinet seems to have been modified to hold more items in a more organized, three-tiered manner.]

[01:12] [Image of a wooden basket holding different cups, condiment shakers, knives, rags, and other items.]

[01:14] [Image of the inside of a kitchen cabinet holding different plates, supported vertically by thin wooden inserts.]

[01:17] [Image of the inside of a kitchen cabinet, designed similarly to the one at 01:09. It contains different pots, pans, and other utensils.]


[01:21] [Image of a holed, plastic kitchen spoon with leaves by it that appears to be placed into a suspended cone. There are two like it above it, holding wooden kitchen spoons.]

[01:26] [Image of a long shelf holding many different spices and other items in glass jars. There are drawers that contain green apples among other items.]

[01:30] [Image of a series of tan and teal pot/pan lids supported by thin metal bars installed onto a white door.]

[01:35] [Image of various spices organized in a kitchen drawer.

[01:37] [Image of three Nestle Coffee Mate containers, the one on the left having the original covering, and the two to the right of it holding cheddar Goldfish and chocolate morsels, respectively.]

[01:40] [Image of a rack suspending many different spices in glass containers.]

[01:44] [Image of a thin white rack stocked with wooden cutting boards, a ceramic tray, two metal trays, and bowls, cups, and a wooden pulverizer in a wooden box to the right of it.]

[01:49] [Image of two wooden shelves, each installed onto one door of a wooden sink cabinet holding dish detergent, trash bags, and other items. A slew of different cleaning items is in the cabinet itself, in two wooden boxes.]

[01:53] [Image of many black storage units containing different cups, bowls, and one food item.]

[01:55] [Image of different black pots suspended from hooks on a thin wooden pole installed next to a wooden cabinet.]

[02:00] [Image of various kitchen items suspended from hooks on a blue holed surface, similar to that of the one shown in 00:58. It has pots, a pan, and utensils on it.]

[02:05] [Image of a very large rack containing a slew of different food items in different containers.]

[02:08] [Image of three shelves with various items on them. They include containers of sugar, flour, and other powders, miniature spoons, a checkered container, a bowl, a wire basket, a decorative dish, a jar with straws or other items in it, and containers filled with caps. There also seem to be cardboard boxes on a fourth shelf.]

[02:12] [Image of a series of metal spoons suspended from hooks on wooden slats installed on the inside of a wooden cabinet door.]

[02:16] [Image of a couple of small white shelves holding containers of chips, different bottles of oils, and two paper bags.]

[02:19] [Image of three decorative container cups holding colored pencils and other items.]

[02:22] [Image of used boxes and cans being used to hold utensils like wooden spoons, whisks, etc.]

[02:24] [Guitar music ends.]