26 Simple Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

The most common bathroom problem is a lackof space: most of them are small not to say tiny.

That’s why smart storage and organizationsolutions are essential here, and today I’m gonna help you with that, you’ll see thebest bathroom wall storage solutions.

Why wall ones? If your bathroom is small, walls are the bestplace to store whatever you have, it’ll save the actual floor space.

26 Simple Small Bathroom Storage Ideas.


Open bathroom shelves from IKEA pieces nextto the mirror 2.

Open bathroom shelving above the toilet 3.

Open bathroom shelving unit in grey 4.

Shelves stuffed in the corner 5.

Hanging shelves with hooks 6.

Open rustic shelves next to the bathtub 7.

Simple floating shelves over the toilet 8.

Thick rustic DIY floating bathroom shelves 9.

Dark stained open bathroom shelves 10.

Shabby chic open bathroom shelves 11.

Small niche built-in next to the sinks 12.


Stylish built-in next to the mirror 13.

Shabby chic niche bathroom shelf in a narrowwall 14.

Niche glass cabinet for towels 15.

Creative dark stained niche towels cabinetover the bathtub 16.

Shabby chic niche glass bathroom built-incabinet 17.

Simple niche bathroom shelving unit with tiles inside 18.

DIY wooden wall cabinet with a mirror 19.

Simple white cabinet with cubbies 20.

Large glass cabinet with a shelf 21.

Niche cabinet over the toilet 22.

Long wooden cabinet with several mirrors 23.

Cubbies hung over the toilet 24.

Ladder as a holder for towels 25.

Creative bathroom shelves made of whitewashedcrates.


Wrought bathroom wall holder.